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Congratulations to the new set of academic scholars

Announcement  [ June 24, 2014]
Lormanians, Salute!

A total of 420 academic scholars will enjoy their respective tuition discounts this semester. The academic scholars based on the grade entries of Second Semester are composed of eight(8) Full Scholars, 90 Half Scholars and 322 Dean Listers.
Clarissa Cruz, graduating Computer Engineering Student lead the list with a weighted grade average of 96.88 followed by her classmate Joanna Marie Lanuza with a 96.64 GWA.
The College of Computer Studies and Engineering dominates the honorees with a total of 148 scholars and the most number of Full Scholars numbering to 4 -- all classmates from the same class.
To qualify for the academic scholars, see the criteria below.

  • Full Scholar
    1. He/she obtains a general weighted average of 94% with no grade lower than 80%.
    2. He/she carries at least 18 minimum study load of his/her curriculum during the term.
    3. He/she must be of good moral character.
  • Half Scholar
    1. He/she obtains a general weighted average of 91% with no grade lower than 80%.
    2. He/she carries at least 18 minimum study load of his/her curriculum during the term.
    3. He/she must be of good moral character.
  • Dean"s Lister
    1. He/she must have a general weighted average of 87% with no grade lower than 80%.
    2. The student must have at least 18 units load whether he is regular or irregular provided he has no repeated subjects.

    With the exemption on the Computer Engineering course where 78 is the lowest grade and GWA of 85 to qualify for a DL.
    The list is released June 23, 2014. For any related concerns, you may approach your respective dean before the list is served final on July 19,2014.
    Keep the Lorma flag held soaring high. Congratulations!

    As we start a new School Year

    Announcement  [ June 6, 2014]
    Classes start June 16

    Welcome freshmen and transferees! Welcome back Lormanians!
    Here are some of the things you need to set and prepare for this school year, (aside from the supplies and stuffs our parents/guardians had worried about these past few weeks):

    • Your ID, your lifeline. Treasure and always keep to yourself your ID. Memorize your ID number, it serves as your username in some of the systems in school.
    • Your ACCESS account. Visit the Library Internet Room and ask the staff to set your password. Your username is your ID number. Make sure to privately keep your password. Don't let anyone, not even your loved one, know.
    • Your mobile buddy. You can bring to school your devices to support your learning growth. Register your WiFi device at the Technical Support located at the 3rd floor of the Technology Center, aka Computer Building.
    • Your mobile number. Be updated on news, events and perks in school. The most convenient way to be informed. Enroll your mobile number (preferably Smart, TnT, Sun) by typing: REGISTER[space][your_idnumber] and send to 09219501004

    The best of which is, HAVE FUN and ENJOY while you exploit to LEARN MORE and make the best out of what you can do in school.
    The Lorma wave and smile be always with you! God bless!

    Summer Enrollment Starts

    News/Activity  [ April 2, 2014]
    Enroll Early

    Summer Enrollment starts today, April 2, at the Lorma Colleges Multi-purpose Gymnasium.
    To enroll:

    • New Students/Freshmen:
      1. Proceed to the Guidance Office for the Career Guidance Evaluation
      2. Fill-up the Yellow Enrollment Form
      3. Submit your credentials and other requirements to the Registrar's Office
      4. Proceed to the Business Office(or @Gym) for the Assessment and Payment of fees
      5. Pay the SML Fee (@Gym)
      6. Submit your Enrolment form, half-copy of assessment slip, Official Receipt for confirmation
      7. Capture and issuance of ID card
    • Old Students
      1. Claim and fill-up your White Enrolment Form from your Dean/Adviser
      2. Have the form signed by Adviser, Dean, and Registrar
      3. Proceed to Enlistment Section
      4. Proceed to Assessment Section
      5. Pay Fees at the Cashier
      6. Proceed to Confirmation Section and claim class cards
      7. Proceed to ID Issuance and Validation Section

    Summer Classes begins on Monday, April 7, 2014.

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